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Automatic belt cutting machine


It is suitable for single or multi-layer leather cutting, rubber, plastic, fabric, foam, nylon, artificial leather, PVC board, non-woven fabric, etc. It is particularly suitable for punching materials. Wide format and roll. Especially, it is particularly suitable for parts with regular cutting, small mold size and large quantity. Such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, sharpening stones, etc.

1. Using the digital operating system of PLC PLC + Encoder human interface, it can automatically recognize feeding and automatically punch and punch. Up to 0.2 mm, material saving, high working efficiency and reduced labor intensity.

2. The PLC program control center has a memory function to set the operation command. It is not affected after the power is turned off after the power is turned off or after the conversion, so it is easy to operate again.

3. It adopts quick cylinder drive and four column instructions to ensure that the cutting depth is exactly the same every time.

4. There are three options to operate: automatic, semi-automatic, manual, free and flexible.

5. Punch can be automatically moved, automatic positioning and mold is fixed by electromagnetic chuck. No need to set the mold. Can be arbitrarily high and low mold, and convenient operation.

6. Automatic lubrication system to ensure machine accuracy and longevity.



Model number

JHY-B350 / 400

Big punch power

Maximum shear force

350KN / 400KN

Range of stroke adjustment

Range of stroke adjustment


Speed ​​punch

Cut spead

0.18m / sec

Upper and lower working surface spacing

The distance between the top plate and the work surface


Suction cup size

The size of the suction plate


Work surface size

Desk size

1800 * 550mm

Main engine

The power of the main engine



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