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KT-160 needle-foam foam machine draws two purposes



  Do not stop fabric, automatically return to origin;

  Simple fact, low wind resistance, low noise, low vibration;

  Automatic feeding system;

  Control system of original PLC imported machinery;

  Photovoltaic automatic induction front track loosening and spreading non-tension synchronous full power;

  Easy operation, high stability, high efficiency and quality spread guarantee;

  Adjustable angle and curved tube for front and rear, suitable for stretchy fabric

  Add anti-static device

  Increase the barrel by one meter

  Main equipment:

  Imported LCD operator control system: easy to set the length of cloth, cover, number of layers and speed;

  Smart feed roller device: It can adjust the width of the fabric and the fabric tension to make the fabric not wrinkled;

  Imported smart proximity sensor cutting machine: main cutting machine and machine can be easily disassembled and assembled. When cutting the fabric, it is possible to set the walking distance and the cutting speed of the cutter to the width of the cutter;

  Automatic imported fabric preliminary equipment: pull before and then spread, eliminate spreading stress and maintain consistency of quality cover;

  Imported electric eye automatic edge alignment device: automatic opposite edge can be performed accurately during sequential operation of the fabric.

  Imported tail sensor device: When pulling the fabric out, the control server will automatically stop working and automatically return to the fixed point;

  Automatic fabric loading device: the amount of lifting can be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric and the fabric cover operation

  Emergency stop device: There is a steel cable to turn off on both sides of the cutter, which can pull steel wire in any position at any time to emergency stop.

  Standard configuration:

  Simple fabric length to place memory device and computer controlled by speeding up and deceleration of fabric scissors;

  Automatic tracking of loose fabric equipment grooves, cloth bars and rollers spread out;

  Emergency stop safety device, automatic dosing device;

  It can quantify the walking distance of the cutter and automatic class counter;

  Imported infrared handheld device, smart proximity sensor cutting device;

  Roll fabric recycling equipment (roll fabric)




Rab width


Cutting width




Power supply

1P / 220V 1KW

Fabric equipment

Up to 60kg

Fabric diameter

Max 1000mm

Walking speed

Up to 98m / min

Rabbit height

Single pull  220mm

Double pull  150mm


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