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Belt cutting machine


It is mainly used to create die cutting machines for punching and emitting single or multi-layer leather, rubber, plastic, hard paper, fabric, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric and other materials.

1. Easy to install, adjust low pressure, easy to set cutting journey.

2. The roller floating position can be set arbitrarily to reduce unnecessary drum movement.

3. traverse left and right rollers, active line vision.


Specifications       SPECIFICATIONS




Punching force

Maximum drum force

0-400KN / 0-500KN

Stroke range

stroke range


Speed ​​punch

Speed ​​is empty

0.18m / sec

Upper and lower working surface spacing

The distance between the top and bottom desks


Work surface size

The size of the face works

500 * 500mm

Desk size

Desk size

1760 * 500mm

Main engine

Main engine

2.2kw / 5.5kw

Secondary motor

Sub - Engine power

0.55kw / 1.5kw



2000 * 800 * 1980mm


Note: The cutting area is made of ordinary cold welded steel. Use laser wood cutting machine. Special specifications can be customized.

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